5 Incredible Uses for Old Light Bulbs | Lifehack

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Here are five ILLUMINATING ways to put your old bulbs to good use!

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We will first show you how to properly take apart a light bulb and then we'll get into the awesome things you can do with them.

When taking the insides of a bulb out make sure to wear proper safety gloves and goggles in the event of a shatter. Always be careful when tinkering with the glass. Take your time while removing the insides as it can get a bit tricky... we definitely shattered a few making this video!
With the Holidays around the corner, you can make a unique gift out a light bulb! Pick your favorite and go to town.

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Lights bulbs are awesome. And not just because they provide us with the ability to see in the dark…

There are so many amazing ways to re-use them to make art, survival gear, even kitchen tools.

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