How to Pull Off a Last-Minute Holiday Campaign With Social Media

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By Emmelie De |
Holiday campaigns aren’t limited to only retailers and consumer brands. A holiday campaign can boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, increase email subscriptions and brand sentiment, which can convert into revenue. There are email campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, graphics, tools to capture entries, hashtags to monitor, and discount codes to be created. 
StubHub used gift cards and other prizes for their #TixWish contest which required Twitter users to share what ticket would be their ideal gift using that hashtag on social media. The #ACGiftofHome campaign even featured two Air Canada pilots who gifted everyone at the pub roundtrip tickets home for the holidays. These are just a couple examples of the plethora of creative ideas and ways in which you can create a social media campaign around any holiday from Valentine's day to Back to School season.
Emmelie De over at has everything you need to create your campaign around your chosen holiday(s). Check the article here @ the source.


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