8 Facts About Instagram to Help Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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8 Facts About Instagram to Help Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaign


Dissemination of information or mass availability of and access to data, in general, is a social media marketing manager's greatest asset and best friend. Social marketer's can never have too much information flowing into their noggins whilst trying to maintain a consistent rhythm and rhyme to their ever-evolving and always expanding social narrative and creative and tactical strategies surrounding all things branding, selling, finding leads and building email lists or similar and all while ultimately and desperately seeking an end goal of liquid gold (profit, mmmm...how lustful ye shall be to thine ears upon thou sound...huh?! anyways...)! So, in other words, why not have a bit more information to add to your so-called social noggin of profitland?

Now, lest we miss the opportunity and arrive late to the data pool (party) and everything changes again...let's explore!

Did you know that one of the most popular Instagram tags is #iphoneography? I sure the hell did not...But, according to Gobieta.com and in cooperation with Alexa.com and Techcrunch.com that isn't the only surprising popular tag on Instagram!

Below, you will see an elegantly laid out and simple #Infographic detailing 8 facts about Instagram to help boost your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

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